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Prodotto IVA Esente

The Auricologia is a method to re-establish a condition of well-being wider compared to a classic method of care. Serves to preserve and improve the health, increase energy and restore balance psycho-physical well-being.


Through simple massage or pressure on specific points of the ear that can be easily found, you can adjust the different functions, bioenergetics of the human body. The increased efficacy of this technique compared to the other disciplines of feet is due to the proximity of the nerves earphones, in charge of transmitting the stimulus to the brain, a position that guarantees an immediate response and without interference. This work is dedicated to the operators of auricologia, students of this discipline, practitioners of holistic techniques, and to the lovers of chinese medicine, to be able to know, understand and appreciate the Auricologia Energy. To be able to easily bring the participants to practice this technique, the text presents a path to innovative teaching, with many cards illustrated, guiding the reader to understanding of the treatment strategies to be adopted in every situation.
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