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The el'addominoagopuntura, or acupuncture, abdominal, rib primary somatoagopuntura, was born in China about twenty-five years ago on the basis of the knowledge of the "turtle's sacred" and allows you to successfully treat patients who are resistant to traditional therapies and suffering from osteoarticular diseases. The ombelicoagopuntura, however, is based on a description of the complex relationship between man and nature, where the rules are dictated in the first place from following a lifestyle as close as possible to the teachings of the tao, and in the second place, variables, more complicated, that are taken into consideration and evaluated by the doctor through a precise choice concerning different fields. In this text, Gemma D'angelo introduces the reader to the theory and practice of both methods in describing his experience in the clinical use, and introducing clinical protocols with different therapeutic possibilities, divided into a base section, which includes protocols that are applicable to most diseases, and a specialist, where the disorders are differentiated by clinical expertise.

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