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This necklace herbal medicine clinic, was born from the need to give an overview wide and to create some fixed point on some medicinal plants and some of the therapies in certain diseases. In doing this, we are inspired by a herbal medicine that besides taking into consideration the chemical principles contained in the plants, take into account that the plant complex, the so-called phytocomplex is a result greater than the sum of the individual parts, as the synergy the molecular nature has provided in the vegetable is so well-balanced in its components that the single molecule can not cover the general clinical picture. We are so convinced of this that, for thirty years, we have worked in the clinic and on our patients in this regard and the consistent results that we have obtained give us the reason for the choice made. We got to talk about herbal energy, meaning the fact that the phytocomplex expresses the energy (Jing) that the plant puts at the disposal of the sick person and not the single molecule that eliminates only the symptom.

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