Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

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The text tackles the complex topic of the studies, providing a new and original approach to interpretation of the organizational models of the posture of the man.
The wide support of validated hypotheses, and scientific research in the various fields of science, from physics to arrive to the neuroscience, lead the reader to immerse themselves in an effective revision of the orthodox conceptual schemes related to theposture of the man.
The many insights that dr. Alexandria offers are structured in such a way as to allow an immediate practical use-application, which closes with the framework, the analysis, management and interpretation of clinical signs and postureof the patient.
Thanks to the collaboration of dr. Piladieri, the text concludes with an authoritative and indispensable support to the evaluation and treatment of dysfunctions lingual to seal the importance of language in the structuring of the mouth, skull, and posture.

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