Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

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The realignment of the spine through the spiritual healing is a holistic treatment method for the spine that reveals a broader view of the relationships bioenergetic between the spine and the body, promoting health. The man is not only made of bones, ligaments and organs, but it body, mind, and spirit, an indivisible unit. Is a complex organism, which is inseparable from the other components of the world, of the universe, the visible and the invisible.
The new edition is enriched by photographs of the method and reports experiences of Italian patients. The text presents techniques that help to eliminate constraints and behavioral patterns is not healthy, and many exercises for self-healing physical and spiritual.
The text is addressed to operators in the field of manual therapies who wish to broaden their perspective, but it can be read and enjoyed by anyone. In fact, the exercises are described in a way that is understandable and easily used even by those who suffer from curvature of the spine, congenital or acquired, and approaches for the first time in this revolutionary and amazing approach

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