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The practice of acupuncture in obstetrics

The result of the experience conducted at the department of gynecology of a public hospital of Strasbourg, where for many years, acupuncture is part of the full title among the therapies offered to pregnant women, this book is aimed at medical and paramedical staff of the delivery room. Manual of ready reference for those who already know the traditional chinese medicine, the one who approaches this discipline for the first time, offers a brief but rigorous introduction to its key concepts, followed by a more in-depth discussion of the physiology and pathology of gynaecological and obstetrical views in key energy. Without a substitute for western medicine but integrating with it, the acupuncture allows you to correct any energy imbalances in the mother during pregnancy and thus preventing the many complications, to prepare it for birth and to intervene during labor lessening the pain and speeding up the performance. In the case of wrong positioning of the fetus, with a simple treatment to be carried out between the 32nd and the 34th week, you get in almost 80 percent of the cases the upheaval of the fetus. The volume provides recipes and directions of points drawn from the literature and confirmed by the long practical experience of the authors that, while emphasising the difficulty of applying the protocols and methods of assessment typical of western science to a medicine that addresses each patient as an individual case, propose treatments simple safe and secure execution effectiveness. With tables, the repertoire of the points of most frequent use in obstetrics and appendices, the volume also provides insights bibliography for a discussion of the matter.

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