Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

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The magnetic field stabiland that is the use of magnets placed in contact with the body, is a discipline in expansion in Italy and in the world.

The book explains in detail the various methods of therapeutic schools, eastern and western, indian, chinese-japanese, american, and australian, explaining the differences and the therapeutic opportunities. And was added a specific chapter on the theories and the reality of the “Vital Force”, which is described in various traditions as “Prana”, “Chi”, “Orgone”, “Odile”, Mana”, “the Bioplasmic Field”, “Field V”; important concept to redefine the reasons of the effects of the subtle influence of the therapeutic of the magnet.

  • Publication date: November 2007
  • Format: Book - Page 231 - 17x24
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