Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

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Manual application of the taping for dysfunction of the spinal column, rachialgie and postural disorders.


Content: this method deals with the global the symptoms produced by the diseases by functional overloading of the spine, placing the maximum attention to the analysis of the chains, the kinetics and the biomechanics of the gesture. The author examines the various applications of taping kinesiology with a short presentation of the individual specific pathologies, in order to have a complete overview and not reductive to only bandage. A practical book, clear, concise and richly illustrated, which provides ample space also to the specific application in association with Pilates therapy, the Mézières method, osteopathy, kiropratica and kinesiology applied; for core stabilty, syndromes, portfolio and posture and pathologies the occlusal-postural. We also present some applications of the technique koreana and japanese cross tape. It is a great method for professionals working in functional rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine

 Rosario Bellia
The president of the Italian Association Taping Kinesiology® and the International Association of Taping kinesiology®, is physiotherapist of the Italian national roller-skating race, a professor of physical education and lecturer at the post-graduate course at the University of Valencia.

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