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Prodotto IVA Esente

III edition



The new edition of this manual which constitutes an international success extends the perspective and practice on thesystem myofascial.
What are the meridians myofascial? Studies of anatomy traditional focus on the individual muscles, their attachments and their links with the bones. Meridians Myofascial extends the knowledge of the transmission of force to the myofascial and the effects, both in physiological conditions and pathological, can be produced when the voltage distribution is interrupted, even at a certain distance to a trauma or a painful condition.
This volume clearly describes the continuity functionally integrated in the whole body within the network of fascia, formed by traceable “meridians” of the miofascia. Stability, station, tension, fixation, resilience and postural compensation are all distributed along these lines.
The book, which is based on the map of the meridians, with many new strategies and holistic therapists of manual and movement aimed to restore and strengthen the posture and the function of the movement.

- A layout designed to allow the reader to quickly grasp the concepts and gain a more detailed knowledge of each specific area according to need
- Symbols that link to specific areas of interest, e.g. manual therapy, movement therapy, visual assessment, education, kinesthetic, and video materials to support
- Illustration of the most recent evidence-based scientific findings to clinical, including dissection, fascial human
- Analysis of the role of fascia as the larger sensory organ
- Updates on the theory and the practice – for example, on the role of the fascia in the distribution of the voltage and on how the distortion of the voltage generating painful
- A new section deals with the role of the theory of the meridians myofascial in the analysis of gait

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