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New version: unlimited number of users!

In just 3 minutes and analyzes the levels of function and energy of the 17 organs and body systems, stress, neurosis and fatigue.

ROFES is a portable and easy-to-use, which enables you to keep monitored the level of health of an unlimited number of people.



ROFES is a device that allows all persons to have a greater control over their level of health and improve it.

In only 3 minutes to perform a dynamic analysis of the functional state and the energy of the 17 organs and systems of the organism and assesses the general level of health, stress and fatigue.
ROFES helps you to improve the style of life!
Software and manual in Italian.

Device for examining the dynamics of the level of health using the APP.


ROFES acquires information from the wrist of the left hand, through the point, biologically active, x MS 7. From here, sends micro pulses and records the resonances of the body to these signals. Then compare the acquired data with the parameters of the models corresponding to healthy people, that are stored in your database.

The program,in addition to the test, offering several functions:

  • Calculating body mass index
  • Automatic storage of TEST that can be recalled in the form of a diary, chart, or comparison, with unlimited users.
  • Print the table of results.
  • Enter the table of results to email
  • Help with a guide for the installation, preparation and reading of the test .
  • ROFES assess and track the functional status and psycho-emotional:

    • FAST
      Only 3 minutes for a complete test.
    • SIMPLE
      A single point reading.
      Assessments, charts and statistics allow you to monitor:
      The level of risk of impact on health
      Level of physical energy
      The level of stress
    • Designed to monitor the level of health and psycho-physical your and your loved ones.
    • The results are stored individually.
    • Provides graphs and tables colors for analysis and comparisons over time.
      Working pmore closely with your doctor to
      recognize and prevent potential causes of future diseases.

      With ROFES you can monitor and possibly modify the impact of habits that are potentially harmful to the health as a poor diet, the intake of remedies inappropriate, sports activities and physical exercises.

    ROFES is an indispensable device for those who love to do prevention and, thanks to the feedback dynamic of health status, enables you to establish and maintain the conditions for their physical, mental and social.


    • ROFES is not a medical device.
    • Does NOT perform clinical tests, or diagnostic.
    • For any doubt, prior consultation with your doctor.
    • To work, it must be connected to a personal computer or a Tablet-Android 4.2

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