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Il Taping Kinesiologico nella Traumatologia Sportiva

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Take advantage of the synergies: a convincing therapeutic use of acupuncture, trigger points and taping.

This book presents the techniques of Acu-Taping in a manner that is understandable and well illustrated.

At the base there are the fundamental principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine: the application of the strips to

disorders muscle and joint functions also takes into consideration the points of acupuncture.

This is in addition to the depiction and the description of the trigger point.

For each muscle, it provides a detailed description and understandable, often extended over many pages, of:




Therapy adjustment easily applicable

The Authors, with the writing of the book “Acu-Taping-Acupuncture Points, Trigger points, visceral, and myofascial”, they intended to affirm, as the Acu-Taping is especially a therapy of functional disorders and as the level of attention to this treatment method in the course of the years has greatly evolved.

The Publishing House DEMI, after having seen the remarkable success of the work in the translation in English between the anglo-saxon countries, has strongly wanted the translation from German into Italian to satisfy the thirst of information of the Italian readers, interested in the method in question.

The Acu-Taping, which has captured the attention at the international level, is based on the synergy with the other methods mentioned in the volume, such as Acupuncture, TeM, Trigger point therapy, extensively described, and Osteopathy/manual Therapy.

Pag. 264 – numerous photo - ills. color – with examples and cases - technical data sheets – Ed. DEMI - ISBN 978-88-908228-1-0

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