Il sangue - XVI lezione

Il sangue - XVI lezione

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Gastroenterology and the School of the Earth


The Lessons of the Master Jeffrey Yuen, a cura di Emilio Simongini and Leda Bultrini, this is a series that collects the lectures given annually, since 1997, by the Master Jeffrey Yuen at the centro Studi Xin Shu of Rome.

The relevance of the series is increased by the circumstance that the Master Yuen has chosen not to fix his thought and his teaching in written works, entrusting their distribution exclusively to the interpretation of his disciples.

Sixth lesson: Gastroenterology and School of Earth


The first part

  1. Gastroenterology
  2. Pathophysiology
  3. Clinical
  4. The stomach opening
  5. The spleen
  6. TR top
  7. TR lower
  8. Diet
  9. Analysis of the wrists

Part the second

  1. The school of the earth
  2. Treatments


  1. Diseases of the eye in GE
  2. Syndrome (Zang Zao
  3. Zong Qi
  4. The card of Dr. Simongini

And. Xin Shu 2006, pantry, 85pp.

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