Infrared lamp with stand - digital Timer double head

Infrared lamp with stand, with double head and digital display

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Prodotto IVA Esente

Lamp, far infrared ray, spectrum 2 - 25 microns. Disk the issuer diameter 166 mm

A timer for each of the du elampade so you can use even a single lamp for a time.



Disk the issuer diameter 166 mm, length 1000 hours - digital timer

Lamp, far infrared ray, spectrum 2 - 25 microns.

TDP stands for "Teding Diancibo Pu", which means special electromagnetic spectrum.

The TDP Lamp is different from infrared lamps to traditional, is composed of a circular plate consists of 33 mineral elements essential to the human body, which, when they are activated by a source heater built-in, emit a radiation electromagnetic in a frequency band that ranges from 2 to 25 microns, compatible with the frequency and the intensity of the electromagnetic waves emitted by the human body

The energetic effects according to TCM

Many pains find their origin in the phenomena of stagnation (Qi-Xue, Energy/Blood) and the imbalance of the nutrition of the tissues. The TDP Lamp promote the mobilization of Qi and blood, and their free circulation.

LA 2008
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