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The cupping from a To Z: everything you need for the cupping, cups, glass, traditional, bamboo, silicone, aspirator or a bellows. Accessories and another for a correct practice.

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  • Glass cupping

    Cups classic glass, available in kit and bulk in 5 different sizes. Discounts are available on quantity.

  • With suction cups

    Instruments for the so-called cupping the cold: a wide range of cups with the suction gun kit and spares.

  • Silicone Cups

    Probably the most easy-to-use, versatile, and comfortable, the cups in the silicone fit on the body and on the face, very used in the field of beauty.

  • Bellows cups

    The elite of the cups: the cups with bellows are practical and easy to use. Available in glass and plastic in 5 different sizes.

  • Haci cupping

    famous bowls-magnetic used in the manage of the acupuncture points, the polarized north-south.

  • Cupping Accessories

    All of the equipment required for the practice of cupping, accessories for doctors and a massage centre.

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