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Agopuntura e Auricoloterapia There are no products in this category.

  • Acupuncture needles

    Wide range of acupuncture needles, products for traditional chinese medicine. Discounts on quantity.

  • Auriculotherapy

    All for auriculotherapy. wide choice of needles to residence, tools, specilli, tips, seeds of vaccaria, beads magnetic.

  • Mesotherapy

    Choice of needles for mesotherapy type Mesorelle. Needles for sclerosing, injectors with or without needle, injector S. I. T

  • Acupuncture accessories

    Everything that is necessary to the acupuncturist, various accessories, instruments for chinese medicine.

  • Shonishin

    The technique of stimulation of points and zones according to the oriental medicine. The choice of tools suitable for the application of the technique.

  • Su Jok

    Therapy Korean hand. Stilettos, beads, magnets, needles, moxa, books. All that is necessary for SuJok.

  • Igiene Ambulatorio

    Detergents for disinfection of the surgery